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Beaded Corn Instructions

Corn was an essential part of life for our ancestors. It was used as a grain, flour, feed for livestock, and eaten off the ear! Make your own ear of corn with your Cabin Fever Craft kit from Log Cabin Village.


Your Supplies:

1- Pipe cleaner corn ear
1- Bag of tri-beads, assorted colors

Step 1:

Thread the beads

Slide the tri-beads on to one of the pipe cleaners. Make any pattern with the colors you'd like! Keep adding tri-beads until there's about two beads worth of space left at the bottom.


Step 2:

Secure the end

Once you've reached the end of the pipe cleaner, wrap the remaining bit around the last bead to secure the beads. This will keep the beads from sliding off the end!

Step 3:


Repeat the steps above on the second pipe cleaner. Once you're done, you can pin your corn anywhere and help other people learn about the important history of corn!

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