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We welcome our neurodivergent visitors and their families. You can download our Social Story to help prepare for an enjoyable visit: English (PDF)Español (PDF)  
Copies of the Social Story are also available from our front desk upon request. 

What to Expect During Your Visit and Frequently Asked Questions:​


What are your hours?

  • We are currently open Tuesday-Saturday, 9:30 am-4:00 pm. (last admission sold at 3:00 p.m.). There is no fee for parking. 


What will I see when I visit?

  • You will enter a beautiful wooded area dotted with log structures where you can “escape the present and experience the past.”  You will have the opportunity to see every one of our historic structures.  They all remain open during normal operation hours. Our historical interpreters are on-site to give demonstrations and answer any questions you may have every day, all day!  You will also have the opportunity to explore the herb garden, gift shop, and our beautiful winding paths.  

How long does it take to tour the Village?

  • Your experience at the Village is truly a visit that is tailor-made for you.  You can stroll the grounds, visit with our historical interpreters, and/or read all of our informational labels at your own pace.  We have some visitors who spend half an hour and others who have spent three or more.  Try us out and see what works best for you!

Do you offer field trips?

  • We have several types of field trip opportunities to fit your needs! For more information about all of our field trip options, including pricing and scheduling, please check out our Field Trips & Outreach page.

Are photographs allowed?

  • Yes, please take photos when you come!  We would be upset if you didn’t.  Commercial photographers must pay the City of Fort Worth’s photography fee of $75/hour. This fee includes admission for photographer and five others to the Village. We allow photography in any public areas of the Village during our normal hours of operation as long as it doesn't inhibit access for other patrons. No furniture, chairs, or exhibit elements may be touched or moved. If you are interested in commercially photographing or filming at the Village, please contact us at for scheduling. 

Can we bring dogs?

  • No. With the exception of service animals, dogs are not permitted at the Village.

Are you wheelchair accessible and do you rent strollers and wheelchairs?

  • All our concrete paths are wheelchair accessible. The only structure that is not accessible is the Shaw Creek Gristmill.  However, the interior of the cabin can be viewed on a sign outside of the mill.  All other interiors can be viewed through front or side doors or entered. Strollers and wheelchairs are not available at Log Cabin Village, but we welcome you to bring your own.

Do you sell drinks and food on site?

  • We do not sell food on site, but we have several restaurants nearby and a lovely park for picnicking directly adjacent to our parking lot. One water fountain is available on site.  We also sell bottled water and historic-style soda pop (and stick candy for your sweet tooth). You are welcome to bring your own water bottle.  

What are your pandemic safety protocols? 

  • Face coverings are not required, although we encourage you to stay at least 6 feet away from others not in your party. Hand sanitizing units are available throughout the site.

Can the site be rented for weddings or other events? Can I rent a cabin?

  • No, we do not allow rentals of any kind.  We simply do not have the accommodations and infrastructure appropriate to host any events other than our own. We do not offer cabin rentals; it would be an uncomfortable night in a historic, non-insulated cabin!

Do you have ghosts/are you haunted?

  • That is a question we want you to answer for yourself.  There are many stories and legends about ghost experiences at the Village.  We invite you to do some research on your own, visit us yourself, and tell us what you think.   Due to safety and security reasons, paranormal investigations are only allowed during our regular hours of operation.  No after hours access is permitted.

How do I become a historical interpreter at Log Cabin Village?

  • The interpreters at the Village are paid City of Fort Worth employees. If you are interested in working at Log Cabin Village, please apply through the City of Fort Worth  Job Board. We post all of our job openings on our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). 

Anything else I should know before I visit?

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