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Field Trips & Outreach

Fun and Games Trunk-Includes:

6 historic ready to play games
History and instruction sheet for each game
List of suggested classroom activities


History Mystery Trunk-Includes:
5 hands-on artifacts
Teacher artifact descriptions
History Mystery lesson plan
History Mystery worksheet master copy


Trails West Trunk-Includes:
4 primary sources
1 primary source lesson plan/activity
1 wagon packing lesson plan/activity
1 creative writing lesson plan/activity
1 CD of pioneer music
Master copies of all worksheets for activities

Day in a Life of a Frontier Child Trunk-Includes: 

1 washboard with rags for washing

Examples of wool, cotton, and flax​; hand carders

Slates and a slate pencil​; example lessons from Log Cabin Village's Pioneer School

Dried corn, wheat, and molcajete

19th-century games with instructions

Links to educational videos with Village costumed interpreters 

(On-Site Field Trip)

Number of participants:  10 to 49

Ages:  All ages

Availability:  Tuesday through Saturday during normal operating hours 

Cost:  $5.00 per participant (must have at least 10 participants)

Terms of Booking:  Reservations must be made for groups of 10 or more using our online reservation system. No need to pay when booking your tour; we'll handle your payment when you arrive at the Village. 

Program Description: Did you know that we have 4-8 historical interpreters here to talk to you ANY TIME we are open? During your Explore the Frontier visit, your group will have the chance to forge their own path while discovering all Log Cabin Village has to offer. You can talk to historical interpreters in 19th century clothing while visiting all ten structures on-site. Although demonstrations vary by day, you might see a spinning wheel in action, feel the heat from the blacksmith forge, enjoy a limber jack show, or relax in the herb garden . This option for smaller groups gives you the freedom to create your own tour at your own pace. 

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