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(Pre-recorded program)

Ages:  6th-12th

Availability:  All year

Length of Program: 30 minutes

Cost:  $25.00-Please note this cost is for an entire class with no more than 30 students

Terms of Booking:  Once a pre-recorded program has been purchased, participants will be emailed a link to the virtual program along with post-program lesson materials and teacher guides. The video link will expire after two weeks but you will not lose access to the lesson materials and teacher guides. 



During this program, your students work with a costumed interpreter to analyze a variety of primary sources to think critically about the past. Students will explore the advantages and drawbacks of sources like letters, photographs, art, and government documents. Students will use the documents to gain a historical perspective on the lives of our Texas frontier ancestors including Quanah Parker, Black communities, and new immigrants.

Book this program by filling out this form online and calling with your payment information.

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