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Traveling Trunk Program


Ages: Elementary-High School

Availability:  Monday through Friday

Cost:  $75/day; $50 for each additional day; $50 for optional drop-off and pick-up service. Trunks can be rented for one day for $75/day and $50 for each additional day.

Terms of Booking:  To book your traveling trunk, please fill out a rental request form at least two weeks before your desired trunk rental. Your booking is not complete until you receive confirmation from Log Cabin Village. All rentals must be scheduled at least three weeks before your desired rental date. Payment is due at the time of pick up or delivery.


Bring frontier learning into your classroom! Rent a traveling trunk from Log Cabin Village. We offer four different trunks to fit your needs: Fun and Games Trunk, History Mystery Trunk, Trails West Trunk, and the Day in the Life of a Frontier Child Trunk. Each trunk includes resources and hands-on items to help your students explore the past.


Fun and Games Trunk-Includes:

6 historic ready to play games
History and instruction sheet for each game
List of suggested classroom activities


History Mystery Trunk-Includes:
5 hands-on artifacts
Teacher artifact descriptions
History Mystery lesson plan
History Mystery worksheet master copy


Trails West Trunk-Includes:
4 primary sources
1 primary source lesson plan/activity
1 wagon packing lesson plan/activity
1 creative writing lesson plan/activity
1 CD of pioneer music
Master copies of all worksheets for activities

Day in a Life of a Frontier Child Trunk-Includes: 

1 washboard with rags for washing

Examples of wool, cotton, and flax​; hand carders

Slates and a slate pencil​; example lessons from Log Cabin Village's Pioneer School

Dried corn, wheat, and molcajete

19th-century games with instructions​

Links to educational videos with Village costumed interpreters 

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