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 Number of participants:  15 to 25 (or $225 minimum)

 Ages:  K-6th grade

 Availability: Wednesday and Friday, 9:30 a.m. or 1:00 p.m. September-November, March-June

Length of Program: This program is 3 hours long.

Cost:$15 per participant, one chaperone free for every 10 participants; additional chaperones are $5 each.

 Terms of booking:  Reserve your field trip with our online booking system at least two weeks before your desired date. Payment is due at time of field trip. No pre-payments accepted. Please note, tour dates and features subject to change based on COVID cases for visitor and staff safety. 

Wagons West allows participants to be nineteenth-century Texans! This half-day program of hands-on activities recreates elements of a typical child's day. The children wash clothes using a washboard and lye soap, card wool, complete chores in the Seela hands-on cabin, grind corn by hand, and weave on a child's scale loom. When the school bell rings, they head for the one-room schoolhouse to read and recite 1800s style lessons, and cipher on slates. Also includes a craft and a candle to dip and take home.

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